Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being (NDPHS) new e-Newsletter out now

New issue of NDPHS bi-annual e-Newsletter is now available on the NDPHS website.

Newsletter opens with an article presenting the progress the Partnership is making in elaborating its new Strategy and the accompanying Action Plan. It is hoped that the new NDPHS Strategy and Action Plan will be ready later this year or early 2015.

Further articles bring into focus the actions taken within and beyond the Partnership to reduce non-communicable diseases in our region. The NDPHS provides a platform for advancing the work in this sector through a range of activities. These include supporting regional initiatives and policy development as well as stimulating and initiating project-based activities.

You can also learn of good progress made in supporting the fundraising for developing initial project ideas into larger project applications, including the nearly 200,000 EUR the NDPHS helped to secure in 2013 for the development of 6 projects. Finally, the NDPHS HIV prevention project reports on the launch of its needs assessment phase and the PrimCareIT project presents its project and final conference results.
Please note that NDPHS e-Newsletters are distributed only in an electronic format and can be downloaded from the NDPHS website.