University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics ITMO, Russia

The ITMO University is the leading university of Russia in the field of the information and photon technologies, and has the status of the national research institute. Since 2013, the University is the participant of the program 5 in 100 – the program to increase the competitiveness of Russian universities among the leading world research-educational centres. Besides the photon and information technologies, the ITMO University develops also other directions of research (in particular, the ecology, the environment, the agriculture ect.). Our University actively develops the direction of the life science. Also, research fields are focused on biotechnologies, the wastewater treatment, the oil spills and the oil sorbents and the polymer materials in the conditions of the low temperature and the harsh climate, the treatment of the environment by the low temperatures (as example, the Barents sea).

Top research areas
• Photonics and Optics
• Intelligent Technology and Robotics
• Life Sciences and Health
• Natural Sciences
• “Smart” Materials, Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
• IT in Economics, Social Sciences and Art

Top technologies:
• Technologies for monitoring and prognosis of the state of the environment, pollution prevention and elimination
• Technologies for prediction of environmental and technological disasters
• New generation of technologies for space and transport equipment
• Genomic, proteomic and post-genomic technologies
• Technologies for information, management and navigation systems

Contact person(s):

Vasilyev V. N., the rector of the University

Evgeniya Samuilova

email: evgenia-sm(a)