VIII International From Science to Business Forum

VIII International From Science to Business Forum to be held 13-16 May, 2014, in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The From Science to Business Forum was first held in 2007 and has become an annual event. Over the seven years, innovation development obstacles in Russia, new trends in Russian and international markets, new Russian Federation Government initiatives, development institutes, scientific organizations and business companies have been discussed.

The main Forum focus has been international experience in the innovation sphere and comparison of innovation systems in different countries.

The topic of the VII International Forum was “Globalization of Innovations”. It was devoted to the spheres of universities and business cooperation, as well as business support ecosystem creation. The Forum was attended by representatives of countries where institutions promoting high technology commercialization have existed for decades.

Innovation has an impact on all the spheres of human activity. Universities play a leading role in innovation and preparation specialists for a new economy. Society needs a sustainable economy, based on knowledge. Therefore the Government of the Russian Federation aims to transform Russian universities into the modern, world-class universities, where progressive ideas become real projects.

Due to these factors, the main topic of the VIII International From Science to Business Forum will be Globalization of Universities: New Opportunities for Science and Business.

In addition, we would like to announce the opening of INNO-MIR, Interregional Innovation Development Center, created in response to numerous requests to establish an active communication platform. We would like to invite you to unite efforts to create a beneficial environment for successful, creative work, and also to participate in mutually beneficial collaboration.