Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania

VGTU comprises 10 faculties and 60 departments. Research is carried out in 2 research centres, 14 research institutes, 33 research laboratories. It runs 11 000 students and 996 Academic staff (2014). The Faculty of Creative Industries (FCI) has 4 departments (Philosophy and Communication (DPC), Creative Entrepreneurship and Communication(DCEC), Lithuanian Language, Foreign Language) and Creative Industries research Laboratory. FCI has 500 students (in BA and MA level), 77 positions in academic staff (8 Professors, 18 Associate Professors, 35 Lecturers, 16 assistants, 6 researchers).

The structure of the Unit determines the interdisciplinary research specifics alongside the humanitarian and social trends. The research is carried out in congruity with VGTU priority scientific research trends – Creative Industries and Digital Society Development. Members of the DCEC scrutinize the issues of Creative Industries in the context of the social sciences discourse (Promotion of Entrepreneurship in Creative Industries; Creative Communication and Media for Society; Innovation and Creativity Concepts and Models” . Members of the DPC scrutinize more general issues on creativity and communication in mediated society (Cross-Cultural Interactions; Identities in the Media Culture; Creativity and Images Interactions; Visuality, Politics and Ideology; Individual, Nation and Society in the Media Cultures; Cultural Aspects of the New Media).

Scientific research activities of the Faculty are organized and planned in the light of VGTU strategic research plan, in which scientific activities, priorities, possibilities, etc. are defined. In the strategic plan of the FCI, in addition to other activities, qualitative scientific indicators of activities, the dynamics of academic community (researchers’ groups), changes in the material base, the adjustments of the main research trends and topics as well as new topics are planned and analysed.


Contact person:

Eglė Jaškūnienė, dr. Head of Creative Entrepreneurship and Communication Department Faculty of Creative Industries

email egle.jaskuniene(a)