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CreatiFI, a FIWARE accelerator, reached out to creative individuals, web entrepreneurs and SMEs to experiment with open source technology in order to build innovative products and services to increase the efficiency of and collaboration with other creative professionals and to boost the competitiveness of the Creative Industries in Europe.

The goal of CreatiFI was to be a catalyst in resolving the existing paradox in the relationship between European Creative Industries and ICT, characterised by their dependency on ICT for sustainability on the one hand, and by a significant current gap in ICT-readiness on the other. In order to do this, CreatiFI’s aim was to introduce FIWARE to all corners of the Creative Industries, by supporting and accelerating between 60 and 90 entrepreneurs into developing innovative tools and services for the Creative Industries, and by creating viable (new) players in this area. Finally, besides this direct impact, CreatiFI also actively promoted the further diffusion of FIWARE based ICT into Creative Industries by offering these together in established, sector specific marketplaces. The result of this being a ubiquitous availability of these tools under clear licensing conditions.

The Creative Ring has been incubated and sprouted from the CreatiFI project.