Where are we heading – wealthier and healthier in the decades to come, or just the opposite?

As part of the EUSBSR Strategy Forum, the Northern Dimension Partnership on Health and Social Well-being (NDPHS)  will host a seminar “Where are we heading – wealthier and healthier in the decades to come, or just the opposite?” on November 8th. The seminar, organized in cooperation with the eHealth for Regions Network, will discuss a topic close to the heart of each and every one of us, namely our chances to live a healthy and wealthy life in 2030.

Population health has a significant effect on the prosperity of our countries and vice versa. Although confronted with various challenges during last few decades, by and large our societies have been doing well and now we are healthier and wealthier than in the past. Will, however, this positive trend continue given the new challenges we are and will be faced with? Pressures on economies are growing, not least due to the demographic changes such as aging of populations. It appears that in the near future fewer working people will have to support a growing number of retirees. In addition, people’s expectations of a better health care continue to grow. Will future economies be able to support our longer, healthier and equally comfortable lives? How countries in the Baltic Sea Region can make more effective investments in health and social well-being of their populations? How will we and systems adapt to the new realities that will bring new challenges but also new opportunities? How further development and increasing application of eHealth services can help us?

Two renowned international experts – Dr. Björn Ekman and Prof. Dr. Roland Trill – will make introductory presentations after which we will hold an open and interactive discussion involving both them and the audience, which will be focused on the above questions seen from both from a strategic, region-wide perspective and, as a complementary element, from a down-to-earth perspective of an ordinary person.

We hope to arrive at conclusions regarding possible steps that could be taken to help ensure the situation will at least not worsen in the future.

Please register for the Strategy Forum, including the NDPHS Seminar by the deadline of 30 September 2016 at: www.strategyforum2016.eu/practical-information/registration-31743586.

The Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being is a cooperative effort of nine governments, the European Commission and eight international organisations. The Partnership’s mission is to promote sustainable development of the Northern Dimension area by improving peoples’ health and social well-being. It aims to contribute to this process by intensifying cooperation, assisting the Partners and Participants in capacity building, and by enhancing coordination between international activities within the Northern Dimension area.

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